Next, both did not dispute once more, even though Zoey initially disapproved of Lola’s reference to Vince Blake

Next, both did not dispute once more, even though Zoey initially disapproved of Lola’s reference to Vince Blake

Zoey Brooks (Good friend)

Lola satisfied Zoey when she found that she is this lady the roommate, she at first pretended to-be more and wound up scary Zoey and whenever she shared with her in the their acting, Zoey and Lola’s second roomie Nicole Bristow, chose to imagine to have a fight to prove so you can Lola which they you will definitely act as well. Lola and you may Zoey had one to conflict from the show, which was regarding the Seasons step three occurrence Skip PCA when the a few dropped over to effective good pageant. They truly became best friends and you can offered each other in the show, and you may had been almost always along with her. Lola supported Zoey whenever Chase are accused away from cheat facing Zoey regarding the film, Springtime Split-Up and Lola tried to assist Zoey when she found out her sweetheart, who is the dean’s kid, rigged a beneficial raffle therefore Zoey you will earn, even if she didn’t faith the girl and went however, in the future revealed the outcome and you will dumped him and made up with Lola. These people were best friends during the 12 months cuatro and barely contended.

Dustin Brooks (Friend)

Eg Zoey, Lola is seen to display concern to have Dustin. But instead of Zoey, she as well as generally seems to reveal particular aggression into the him out of time in order to big date, like within the Prefer Chain, when Zoey shared with her she desired this lady to be Dustin’s skill reveal secretary, Lola said she don’t must, and you may additional „Eww.“ However, Lola and you will Dustin get along fine that have your (with the rest away from his degrees) enjoying this lady since prettiest woman at school.

Pursue Matthews (Friend)

Chase is a common acquaintance off Lola through Zoey. About episode Lola Wants Pursue, Lola increased a beneficial crush towards him, as well as got one day, however, decided these were better off due to the fact relatives. Lola is delighted on discovering Pursue had returned away from London area during the Going after Zoey, and ran in terms of hugging your. Including Michael, the guy matters among Lola’s best kid relatives.

Quinn Pensky (Closest friend)

Lola and you may Quinn don’t extremely go out up until immediately after Nicole leftover PCA and you can Quinn turned Zoey and you can Lola’s roomie. They in the near future turned best friends and are more often than not viewed together with her. They actually do has the disagreements including when you look at the Fury Government where Quinn let Lola consume an entire full bowl of walnuts, even though they was within her throat. Also, inside the Hands on a great Blix Van, Lola kissed Quinn’s boyfriend, Mark Del Figgalo, so you’re able to breeze her of the lady laughing fit, resulting Quinn tackling Lola. They are usually truth be told there for every single most other as well as with regards to thriving personalities it have the ability to feel Zoey’s closest confidants. Though Quinn was extremely sciency, it however create best nearest and dearest.

Nicole Bristow (Friend)

Nicole are next individual Lola met during the PCA along with her second roommate. Lola and you may Nicole almost always got collectively rather than fell away. Lola helped Nicole over come the woman obsession regarding people and performs for her school work far more because of the hypnotizing their. Nicole and you may Lola became friends and you will served both throughout Seasons dos. When Nicole kept, she never ever had contact with Lola whenever you are She was at Malibu Females College.

Michael Barret (Buddy)

Michael are certainly Lola’s best friends through the the woman day at the PCA. They truly became buddies and offered both all throughout Season 2, Season step three and you may Year cuatro. It never contended and you can got with each other day long. Regarding season dos occurrence, Lola Enjoys Chase, Michael told you she try hot and you will smokin‘. And additionally, into the Crappy Woman, Michael think Lola preferred your and wished to at least one big date day this lady. Since it seems, Lola is actually closer having Michael and you will Pursue than just she actually is having Dustin and you will Logan.

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